Whether you're just starting out or looking to elevate your game, I'm here to work closely with you, boosting your confidence and refining your overall performance.Cookie-cutter coaching simply won't cut it. We're all unique, with individual learning styles and goals. That's why my approach is centered around understanding you, your pickleball aspirations, and empowering you to reach your full potential.

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Pickleball Lessons

It's the subtle nuances that make a significant impact on your gameplay. I can analyze your technique, identify recurring errors, and fine-tune your strokes for optimal results. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing I've contributed to someone's improvement. Witnessing players evolve and thrive in this fantastic game is what fuels my love for coaching!Due to limited court availability, I only teach lessons on Weekdays (M-F) from 8am-1pm at St. Vartans Park (36th & 2nd).


Pickleball's addictive nature and unparalleled sense of community makes it something truly unique. My goal is to guide incredible people, like you, towards pickleball excellence. Check out some how past students have enjoyed working with me.

I really enjoyed the lesson today. David is skillful, positive and thoughtful and he made me feel comfortable in the lesson setting from the start. We focused on things I wanted to work on, but David also made suggestions on things that he observed, which was very helpful. I would definitely recommend David and Iā€™m excited to implement a few of the specific lessons I learned. The whole process was easy and fun!
-Wendy C.

Thanks to David's beginner pickleball lesson, I was able to achieve my goal to learn the fundamental stroke and serve techniques, as well as the basic rules of the game. His teaching style, which combines drills and practice games, was engaging and effective.During the lesson, I learned helpful techniques such as the proper way to swing and follow through on a forehand, and how to position my feet for better ball returns. These skills have improved my confidence in positioning myself on the court and have made playing pickleball even more enjoyable.I highly recommend David's lessons to other beginners looking to learn the basics of pickleball. His group lessons provide valuable opportunities to practice with others.
-Cynthia W.

I took a beginner's pickleball lesson with David and had a fantastic time! My main goal was to learn the basic techniques and rules so I could play casually with friends, and the lesson met my expectations perfectly šŸ˜Š.David created a casual and approachable environment, which I appreciated. He set up drills that allowed everyone to learn and practice, ensuring we all got a chance to improve.During the lesson, I learned the proper way to hit the ball using various techniques, and I feel much more confident on the court now. I would definitely recommend David's lessons to anyone looking to get started playing pickleball.-Megan B.

I recently attended a pickleball lesson with David and had an amazing experience! The lesson was well-structured, covering all the fundamentals, including scoring, rules, and how to serve and return the ball. David's patience and supportive approach made the learning process enjoyable for beginners.Thanks to his guidance, I now have a better foundation to build upon and feel confident in my abilities. I highly recommend David's lessons to anyone looking to start their pickleball journey!-Mary B.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to take a pickleball lesson with David, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. The lesson provided the perfect combination of instruction and workout, making it both educational and enjoyable.
Having played for a couple of years, we were seeking tips to improve our game, and David's approach was encouraging and helpful. One technique that stood out to us was his reminder to move after each shot, using the "one-two" method. This simple yet effective tip has made a noticeable difference in our gameplay.
We highly recommend David's lessons to players of all levels, especially from beginners to those rated at 3.5.
-A Happy Couple

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our lesson with David. We loved how constructive and encouraging he was throughout the entire lesson. The lesson was very relaxed and a great introduction to the game for beginners, and we plan to take more lessons from him as we become more experienced. During the lesson, we worked on our forehands, backhands, and serving. Then, we played a few rally points to really get immersed in the game. David helped us work on individual skills until we felt super comfortable with the approach, then moved on to the next skill, finally tying it all together.David was super attentive and really catered to our skills by giving different styles of feedback based on our skill level. You could tell he has a lot of experience playing and coaching individuals from how much detail he went into on ways to improve.I feel super confident that I am able to go out and play pickup now because of this lesson. I would definitely recommend getting a lesson to anyone looking to improve their skills. David was extremely kind and offered good tips on how to get started in the NYC pickleball community. He even went over our time by about 20 minutes to make sure we ended on a good shot and felt ready to go out and play. Thanks again, David!"
-Charlie and Rana

Paddle / Gear Recommendations

Want a quality paddle/gear and think you shouldn't have to break the bank? Then you're just like me.I spent way too many hours researching what paddle I should get. I really just wanted something solid, didn't cost $150-$250+, and didn't need to get replaced every 3 months.And now I have it.I'm currently playing with the Vatic Prism v7 and love it! It's got all of the bells and whistles you're looking for in a paddle (e.g. carbon fiber, honeycomb core, blah blah blah).What's most important is that it plays awesome - lots of control, spin, and power. It also has the longer handle and an elongated shape.My game is 5-10% better now that I have a paddle from this generation (previously I was playing with a Franklin Signature).--I haven't fallen in love with a paddle until now. Best of all it's $90 after the discount (which was less than what I spent on my last paddle).You can use my code if you want to get the discount: "WELCOME" click this link

My Current Paddle:
Vatic Prism v7 (16mm, elongated shape)

use the code "WELCOME" to get this paddle for $90

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